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Hello, I’m so glad that you have decided to investigate TH Counselling further.

I pride myself on the relationships I build with my clients, perhaps due to my enthusiasm, positivity, and the belief that often laughter is the best medicine.

But I’d like you to know a bit more about my style before you make the decision to contact me.

My favourite way of working is outdoors, using Walk and Talk Therapy. I also have a comfortable counselling room if you prefer indoors.

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As an outdoorsy person, I thought, “Why put my therapy in a box?”

Having been fortunate enough to live in both the New Forest and rural Wales I know myself that relaxation and inspiration can be found in nature. I walk my dog Carla, I enjoy being with horses, I love the landscape of the countryside, and I know a lot of other people do too. All too often in our busy city lives we are removed from nature and its calming effects. To connect with it during a counselling session is remarkable and adds an exciting slant to therapy.

Right here, in Melksham, I use a wonderful space, at Sandridge Common.

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Take a walk with me and let the outdoors work its therapeutic magic. Don’t worry if you’re not the fittest person, we can walk a while, then stop a while and chat. A good coat and stout shoes mean that we can still meet, except in the worst weather. Alternatively, I offer traditional face-to-face counselling or online counselling.

Regardless of where our sessions take place, I use approaches from a number of schools of thought:


Firstly, I use techniques from an approach called Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). This doesn’t mean it’s quick or I work in short sessions. It means that we get straight to finding solutions to your problems.

If you want to quickly focus on finding ways to have a better future, this is the approach I use. It looks at the solutions you have previously used in your life (believe it or not, you have already found lots of solutions to life’s problems) and helps you adapt them to the issues you have now.

It allows you to set goals for the future and find ways to help you achieve them.


I also embrace ideas from Narrative Therapy. This is all about stories. The stories told about us, the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell about other people. Everyone is more than one story, but we often get caught up in a label. Narrative Therapy helps us to re-author our lives and I can help you retell your tale.

Please take the time to watch this fantastic video that demonstrates this thinking. It’s well worth it!


In 2019 I was honoured to be trained in REWIND Technique by its originator Dr. David Muss. It is a technique specifically designed to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. This has become well known in recent years through the press coverage of forces veterans and their struggles.

However, anyone can suffer from PTSD after a traumatic event. I have a particular interest in the treatment of Complex PTSD, which has its origins in childhood trauma, but it could be a road traffic accident or being the victim of crime in adulthood, for example.

If a client is troubled by flashbacks or recurring thoughts then I offer this treatment. It is very quick, does not require you to relive past experiences, so you do not suffer the distress of telling me every detail.

REWIND is available to forces veterans at no cost and I will take referrals from agencies or individuals.

Please remember I offer a FREE 30 minute assessment session to all clients. Let’s see if we think we can work together.



Tanya is so easy to talk to, very friendly and totally non judgemental. She was able to understand what seemed complex issues to me and helped me to learn to cope with some very stressful times. I always felt a huge weight had been lifted after each session.

Amici Counselling

I have worked alongside Tanya for a number of years. She has a remarkable talent for building a great rapport with her clients and has successfully counselled clients who had given up on therapy.

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