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Hello, welcome to the training, clinical supervision, and consultancy side of TH Counselling and Training.

I have spent many years training for a number of organisations, from local charities to international corporations, in a number of areas including hospitality, homelessness, employment, and digital inclusion. 

After working with people who are homeless and facing the challenges of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), substance misuse issues, criminality and poor mental health, I found the stresses on myself and my colleagues extreme.  In many cases, causing mental health problems in the team and leading to burnout, sickness and absence from work. 

Sometimes these wonderful, experienced people left their jobs never to return. 

So I  have developed a workshop specifically for them.  To make them aware that as caring people we are more vulnerable to compassion fatigue, burnout, secondary trauma, and more.

If you work for a business or organisation who employs staff in a helping capacity then this workshop will assist you to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974).  You have a duty to care for your employees’ mental health, as well as their physical health, by giving them the tools to help themselves.  Look at it as Manual Handling for the mind!

Please feel free to contact me for more details for this workshop, or with enquiries for bespoke mental health workshops.  In the past I have provided training on many topics, such as Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Working, and Working with Anxiety and Depression.


Alongside my training I also offer Clinical Supervision, either as a one off after a critical event or as a regular employee care package.  Again, please contact me for more details and costs as this service is very much tailored to your organisation.  I use Solution Focused techniques in my supervision sessions to help your staff utilise skills and talents they already have, and develop ways of working more effectively with your clients, so achieving better outcomes.


Many companies are looking at the mental health of their employees through a different lens in these times since COVID-19.  It has given a whole new view of trauma in the workplace.  I have personally been through working from home, furlough, gardening leave and end of my contract since March.  Many of my colleagues have been lone-working during lockdown, often in risk saturated situations. 

The very uncertainty of life at the moment has caused anxiety and depression. 

If you are looking to revise your mental health strategy  I would be pleased to talk with you.  


Sian Landon – The Wallich

Tanya delivered a bespoke training session for staff at my 3 Substance Misuse Projects on Motivational Interviewing techniques. The training was engaging and tailored to meet the needs of our specific client group with plenty of interaction and group discussion.

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